You are required to agree to the following Eyelash Extension Consent Terms & Conditions when you book your appointment and/or before your service begins:  

  1. I understand that there are risks associated with having artificial eyelashes applied to and/or removed from my natural lashes. 

  2. I understand that the eyelash extensions will be applied to the natural lash as determined by the technician so as not to create excessive weight on the natural eyelash thereby preserving the health, growth and natural look of the client’s natural eyelashes.

  3. I understand that as part of the procedure, eye irritation, pain, itching discomfort and in rare cases eye infection may occur. I understand there may be a chance of allergy and the technician is not at fault for this.

  4. I understand and agree that if I experience any of these issues with my lashes I will contact my technician and have the eyelash extensions removed immediately and consult a physician at my own expense.

  5. I understand that I must not be wearing contact lenses during the procedure. I understand that I was told to wear my glasses and am aware that contact lenses during the procedure are not allowed. The technician is not liable for any eye irritation or discomfort caused by the wearing of contact lenses.

  6. I understand that even though the technician may apply and remove the eyelash extensions properly, that adhesive material may become dislodged during or after the procedure, which may irritate my eyes or require further follow-up care.

  7. I understand that no free services will be provided due to the lack of aftercare post-appointment and that I am responsible for my lashes once I leave the technicians studio.

  8. I understand and agree to follow the aftercare instructions provided by my technician. Failure to follow the aftercare instructions may cause the eyelash extensions to fall out.  

  9. I understand that in order to have the eyelash extensions applied to my eyelashes I will need to keep my eyes closed for duration of 60-180 minutes during the procedure. I also understand that I will need to be lying in a reclined position. Any medical conditions that might be aggravated by lying still for a prolonged period of time may mean that I will not be able to have the procedure performed on my eyes.

  10. I release my technician from all liability associated with this procedure. There are no guarantees for the bonding time length of the eyelash extensions. I understand that I have been advised to follow the aftercare protocol from my technician so as to avoid any discomfort or adverse side effects after the procedure has been completed.

  11. I understand that there are no refunds, exchanges, credits or transfers of any service provided.

  12. I hereby grant my technician the full right to take, publish and reproduce photographs of me, my face and my eyelashes during this procedure, for any and not limited to, advertising, education, or other purposes, including the right to retouch these photographs as deemed necessary by the technician. I also grant my consent for the technician to use my image and likeness as contained in these photographs for any advertising or other purposes. I understand that this is optional. I will let the technician know if I decline the usage of my photo.

    Acceptance of these Eyelash Extension Consent Terms & Conditions will remain in effect for this procedure and all future follow-ups conducted by the certified eyelash extension professional. I have read and fully understand all information in these terms & conditions. I am over 16 years of age and consent to the terms & conditions and to the eyelash extension application procedure.